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By placing an order with For Goodness Bakes, you are confirming you have read these Terms and Conditions thoroughly and adhere to them completely. 

Please read these terms and conditions that have been sent to you, and accept them using the box at the bottom of the page. Your order will not be started until these terms have been accepted. These may be updated periodically so if you are a returning customer, please re-read to ensure you are agreeing to any changes. 


Your booking will not be booked and secured in the For Goodness Bakes diary until a deposit has been paid.

A Deposit is non-refundable and non-transferable and are set as follows:

Cakes priced up to £60 - £10 deposit

Cakes priced between £60- £100 - £20 deposit

Cakes priced £100+ - £40 deposit

Wedding Cakes - £100 deposit


If your booking is cancelled by For Goodness Bakes for reasons such as ill health or a fire, the deposit will be returned to the customer at the earliest convenience – this is the only instance your deposit will be returned. If the booking is cancelled by the client within 72 hours of collection/delivery, the full price of the cake must still be paid due to ingredients, tools and decorations already being purchased. 


Your final cake design must be chosen up to a week before the agreed collection/delivery date. Any additional features added after this date may incur extra charges. Please note, all For Goodness Bakes products are unique to each booking, I do not copy other bakers/creators work; you may send inspiration pictures as a guide but no cake will be exactly the same. 


No cakes will leave the For Goodness Bakes kitchen until the final balance of the cake has been paid in full. This can be BACS, Paypal or Cash on delivery if pre-agreed. 



Once a cake is collected and leaves the For Goodness Bakes kitchen, it is no longer my responsibility and you are solely responsible. If the cake is damaged whilst in your care, after collection, whether it be in transit, at the venue or otherwise, there will be no refund given. All cakes that leave my kitchen are baked, decorated, stacked and packaged to the highest of standards. 


I would highly recommend choosing the delivery option if the cake is over 1 tier to ensure it arrives at the venue safely. I intend to deliver all cakes in a timely manner and in perfect condition. Any additional, especially delicate, features will be added to the cake at the venue by myself. Once the cake has been delivered and you are happy with it, the responsibility of the cake is out of my hands. 


For Goodness Bakes cannot be held responsible for delays out of my control, i.e traffic jams or extreme weather conditions. If in the unfortunate event a delay occurs and the delivery is late, the maximum compensation will be the delivery cost. 



At For Goodness Bakes, I do not price match. Each cake is bespoke, unique and designed for the individual(s) so therefore are priced as such.  



Although your cake may not include wheat/gluten/dairy/eggs/nuts, these ingredients are used in the For Goodness Bakes kitchen and therefore may contain traces. Please get in touch if you are concerned about any allergens or have any questions.


Important cake information

When transporting your cake, please place it in the passenger seat footwell or in a flat, empty boot. If placed on an uneven surface such as the passenger seat, the cake may slide off the board, or even off the seat. 


please do not store your cake in the refrigerator if it is fondant covered as it causes the cake to 'sweat'. In warm weather/heating conditions, buttercream covered cakes will need to be stored in the fridge or somewhere cool to prevent the butter from melting. These should be removed up to an hour before consuming for prime quality. Once cut Into, store in an air tight container (or provided cake box) and consume within 7 days. Your cake can also be frozen for up to 3 months - unless otherwise stated.


All additional 3D models and sugar flowers will have inedible items in them to help secure the structure, such as cocktails sticks and wires. These are non-consumable products so please be cautious.

All tiered cakes contain plastic/wooden dowels and will need removing before consumption. 

These terms and conditions were last updated: 27/01/22

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