all about meg...(that's me!)

Hello and welcome! My name is Megan Fletcher, I am the owner of For Goodness Bakes, established in 2019. For years, my biggest passion has been baking. In fact, ever since I was a very young girl, sitting on my Nana’s kitchen worktop watching her make the best key lime I have ever tasted (biased but true).


Baking runs in the family for sure, with both my mum and my auntie pursuing cake decorating businesses/hobbies whilst I was growing up so getting into this industry myself was inevitable really!

As a teenager, I collected tonnes of cake baking recipe books. They were on every Christmas and birthday present list for as long as I can remember. If there was ever a new Mary Berry book out, that was at the top of the list. She’s my idol, I am obsessed! During school, I worked as a Saturday girl at the local cake decorating shop and loved watching my boss designing and decorating all the fabulous cakes (as well as eating any cut offs – because who wouldn’t?) I then went on to study Catering and Hospitality at A-level, whilst working in a restaurant as a waitress. So, as you can probably tell, my childhood and teenage years revolved mainly around food and cake - and loved it!

“I am obsessed with Mary Berry”

“My teenage years consisted of food and cake – I loved it!”


Fast forward to my adult years and I found myself in administration for 6 years – sitting behind a desk 9-5 just wasn’t for me! I used to bake in the evenings and take the goods into work for everyone to taste, and much to my surprise, everyone always left rave reviews!! 

This is when I started thinking, maybe I could do something with this?! Work colleagues started asking me to do their friend’s and family’s birthday cakes and as word got round, I got really busy really quick.


“Maybe I could do something with this?”

In May 2019, I took the plunge and that’s when For Goodness Bakes was born. It started off at 1-2 cake orders a week, and whilst I was still working full time, this was enough to build up my skills and customer base. Since then, I quit the job I hated (best feeling ever...!) and got myself a part time job whilst working on my cake business part time. During my first year in business, I worked hard on establishing a brand, getting my name out there and becoming known. I supplied cafes with cake weekly and worked up to 10x more than I was doing when I first started. Now, 3 years later, post Covid-19, I have a beautiful daughter and have ventured into Wedding cakes. This business is now my second baby and I continue to work hard every single day to come up with new ideas, new skills and provide bespoke products for all my lovely customers.

So, I hope you enjoyed my little life story up to now, please take a look at my website and social media and drop me a message to let me know what you think! Remember to keep supporting local businesses.

Much Love,

Meg x